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Multi-Housing WiFi Deployment


 RSBS ONLINE offers affordable wireless Internet service for any size property. It is easy to install, manage and can pay for itself in a matter of months RSBS ONLINE technology is designed in such a way that it provides solid wireless broadband connection to each unit. It’s a simple plug-in installation. As property managers and owners are always looking for ways to create cost effective incentives to attract renters, retaining existing tenets, and giving values to owners. They can provide amenity such as Wireless broadband Internet access that doesn’t cost much and does not disturb residents during installation. RSBS ONLINE offers various programs including purchase, leasing and revenue share plans.

RSBS ONLINE latest wireless technology along with Access Manager utility, now hotels can offer WiFi service or upgrade their existing Internet Services with latest wireless technology along with Access Manager utility, now hotels can offer WiFi service or upgrade their existing spotty and cumbersome wireless service to their guests. Rsbsonline offers various programs including purchase, leasing, and revenue share plans. If you are interested in a rsbs online WiFi deployment for your multihousing flats contact us for a FREE consultation and quotation. Installation is fast; the process only takes at most, a few days.



# Compatibility: Standard technology already built-in in most today’s laptops and communication devices. Users can access the Internet without the need of any special software or hardware.

# Fast: The latest WiFi technology offers faster speed than most wired broadband services, offering users with speeds that meets today’s user expectations for downloading and uploading large files, multi-media, and etc..

# Coverage Area: WiFi technology allows Uses to use their communication devices such as laptops any were within the coverage area.

# Security: Security has been a huge issue over the Internet specifically with wireless networks. Rsbs online utilizes latest technology to implement encryption and security masseurs to ensure all user data traveling over the wireless network is safe and protected. Even though security implementation is complex and intricate, it is transparent from the user and does not impact simplicity of Internet usage for the user.

# Installation: WiFi installation is simple; a complete WiFi can be installed in a few days. Depending on the scope and size of the project.